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Chasing Waterfalls https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2019/10/chasing-waterfalls At the beginning of the month, my family and I visited Portland, Oregon for the first time. We were able to spend time with family that recently moved there and explored the scenic highway.

With all our kids in tow, we tried to get to the falls early to avoid some of the weekend crowd. The first waterfall was Horsetail Falls. It was the easiest to get too; just parked our car and crossed the street.

The following waterfall was the famous post-card worthy, Multnomah Falls. 

The fall is fed by rainfall, but also snowmelt and underground springs from Larch Mountains. The fall drops about 620 feet and it is the tallest of the Columbia River Gorge's many waterfalls. We're so glad we got to see this beauty and the weather was perfect. 

It's so majestic. 

The last fall was Bridal Veil Falls. 


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Lugo Beach - family picnic at the beach https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2018/11/lugo-beach---family-picnic-at-beach Today was our moment to hang out with our family, especially those we haven't seen in so long. Everyone came out and enjoyed a day of swimming and togetherness at Lugo Beach, Floating Cottages. 

More photos:



[email protected] (Look at Me Photography) https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2018/11/lugo-beach---family-picnic-at-beach Sun, 11 Nov 2018 22:00:00 GMT
Enjoying the evening at Vitalis Villas (Santorini of Ilocos) https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2018/11/enjoying-the-day-at-vitals-villas-santorini-of-ilocos Brother and sister means being there for each other. 

"Love is like the wind, you can't see it, but you can feel it."

"Proof" I was there...a photo of me :)

Vitalis White Sands Beach Resort across the way ...

Dessert buffet, yes please!


And good night!

[email protected] (Look at Me Photography) https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2018/11/enjoying-the-day-at-vitals-villas-santorini-of-ilocos Sat, 10 Nov 2018 07:30:00 GMT
Santorini of Ilocos Sur - Vitalis Villas Beach Resort https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2018/11/santorini-of-ilocos-sur---vitalis-villas Day 4 - Ilocos Sur Tour

We stayed at  Vitalis Villas Beach Resort, also known as Santorini of Ilocos Sur. It is a replica of Santorini, Greece, a place where I would love to visit someday. 
Vitalis Villas is situated on the hills and beach cove of Santiago. It is about 2.5 hours from our hometown of Sinait. 

The photo was taken while we had lunch at their sister resort, Vitalis White Sand Beach Resort. From this resort, you get access to Santiago Beach. 

Having lunch at Vitalis White Sand Restaurant and Aaron is showing off his shell collection, while our food is being prepared. 

#CocaCola, the official drink of the Philippines

Boodle Fight Feast was so delicious. 

"Dance like nobody's watching"

Sister lead the way. 

For more info, visit their website: http://www.vitalisvillas.ph/vitalis/


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Trains all day https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2018/11/trains-all-day Aaron and Ava met Carl, their newest cousin and friend. 

Language was not a barrier when it came to playing. 

Per her shirt - Ava is [email protected] #.I.S.T.O.R.Y (HER•STORY) - First visit to the Philippines at age 7. 

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A Mother's Garden https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2018/11/a-mothers-garden "To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow."

Thursday morning, just after sunrise, Aaron set foot in the garden to explore our new home for the next two weeks. It's been two days since our arrival and we  were  finally ready to take in all the new things. The temperature outside was hotter and more humid than we're use to. Sweat dripped down our skin as soon as we stepped out of  our air conditioned room.  We went through each flower and plant and photographed it. Aaron saw a coconut sprouting out of the ground and wanted to be photographed next to it. Then, he saw the shrine of Mother Mary and did a little prayer. He examined all the little things with Uncle Randy and was so excited to point them out.

We owe the beauty of the garden to our Grandmother and cousins.

Thank you for bringing the garden back to life!

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Congratulations! https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2018/6/congratulations Class of 2018

UC Irvine Graduates

[email protected] (Look at Me Photography) https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2018/6/congratulations Sun, 03 Jun 2018 05:08:31 GMT
Sousa Family https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2018/4/sousa-family Party of FIVE

I truly enjoyed photographing the Sousa Family.  In April, Big Brother J  turned 9 years old and Princess Jules turned 6. 

It was a great  way to capture how quickly these beautiful kids have grown up.  We also captured  some cute "Mommy and Me " & "Daddy and Me" moments. 

The "Siblings" photos were  also some of my favorites.  I look forward to many more sessions with them in the future. 


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Mommy and Me https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2018/4/mommy-and-me Mommy + Me Portrait Session 

Location: Capitola Beach

I enjoyed photographing this beautiful mommy and daughter duo. They were so sweet and cute together. 

MVR_3956MVR_3956 MVR_3997MVR_3997

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Look at Me https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2018/4/look-at-me Test shots of Ava before my next photoshoot of Mommy & Me. We made a day trip to Capitola Beach to meet with my clients. I had her try on the headpiece I created for the little girl on my next shoot. I may continue to make more, I love how it turned out.  I also made a matching one for the mommy . 

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Spring is here! https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2018/3/spring-is-here Yellow, the color of sunshine and happiness.

Let's capture your sunshine... book your spring session today.

Email me at [email protected]

  • Mini-sessions - $95 (plus tax)

            Includes: 15-minute session, 5 digital images, 1 (8x10), Online gallery + print release

            Location: Outdoors


  • Full-session - Portrait Collections start at $150 (plus tax)

               Includes: Up to 45- 60 minutes session,  20 digital images, Online gallery, Photo CD + print release

            Location: Outdoors




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Happy Easter! https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2018/3/happy-easter Happy Easter!

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Today was a good day! https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2018/3/today-was-a-good-day Mr. Aaron (my son) was very cooperative getting his pictures taken. He looked at the camera, smiled and said "cheese." He usually gives me the run-around when it comes to photos, but today he enjoyed it and I didn't break a sweat.  I love all the photos of him from this session because I was able capture his personality. These photos will be going up in my home office. 

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Senior Portraits --- BOOK NOW!!! https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2018/3/senior-portraits-----book-now      Senior Portrait Sessions - Book Now!!!

Package Prices starting at $150

Up to 1 Hour

2 Outfit Changes

Book your session: [email protected] // Call: 408-806.2954

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Easter Mini-Session https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2018/3/easter-mini-session Easter Mini-Sessions

Only $95  (plus tax)

Session includes: 5 Digital Images, 1 (8x10 print), Online Gallery + print release

Additional photos maybe available for purchase 

To book your session, please email: [email protected]

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What a difference a year makes? https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2018/3/what-a-difference-a-year-makes My Lil' Guy has grown up so much and time has flown by so quickly, but he's still as handsome as ever though. He is now 2.5 years old and learning so many new things, such as counting, lining up his trains and building the train tracks. He's so polite and so sweet, definitely a Mama's Boy. 

Easter 2017 and 2018

[email protected] (Look at Me Photography) https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2018/3/what-a-difference-a-year-makes Mon, 12 Mar 2018 05:45:00 GMT
Aiden's Cake Smash Session https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2018/2/aidens-cake-smash-session Happy First Birthday Aiden!

Aiden's Cake Smash was my first. I created the little banner for the background and the matching banner for the cake from felt and ribbon. I purchased the sprinkled cake from a local grocery store and added the simple decor. His mama brought the cute little tie, which coincidentally matched the banner.  Aiden was pretty skeptical about the cake, but eventually got into it. He had the cutest and sweetest smile. 



MVR_2512MVR_2512 MVR_2489MVR_2489 MVR_2477MVR_2477 MVR_2488MVR_2488


[email protected] (Look at Me Photography) https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2018/2/aidens-cake-smash-session Sat, 24 Feb 2018 07:30:00 GMT
Oh so tiny! https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2018/2/oh-so-tiny Meet beautiful Hazel. She's 8 days old and cute as can be. I was so excited for her debut because I was really looking forward to taking her portraits. 

Here are some of my favorites from her session. 


[email protected] (Look at Me Photography) https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2018/2/oh-so-tiny Tue, 20 Feb 2018 07:15:00 GMT
3 Days till Valentine's Day 2018 https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2018/2/3-days-till-valentines-day-2018 3 Days till Valentine's Day 2018 ... 

I look forward to spending the day with my favorite people. 


Kabsat // Sibling


Manang // A respectful term given to an older sister or older female relative


Ading // A respectful term given to a younger sibling



Sabong ni Ading // Flowers for my younger brother



[email protected] (Look at Me Photography) https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2018/2/3-days-till-valentines-day-2018 Sun, 11 Feb 2018 10:01:06 GMT
Holiday Portraits for the Capinpin Family! https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2017/12/holiday-portraits-for-the-capinpin-family Sneak Peek of the Capinpin Family Holiday Portraits.

It was so impressive how lovely they were dressed and mostly how organized they were during their session. Their photo session went very smoothly and we were able to capture all the photos / groups they requested. I also loved the the fact that they came together and dedicated their photo session to their Mom / Grandmother. 

Dec. 23, 2017

Location: Oak Hill Park, Danville, Ca

[email protected] (Look at Me Photography) https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2017/12/holiday-portraits-for-the-capinpin-family Sun, 31 Dec 2017 09:45:00 GMT
Photos on the Beach https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2017/7/photos-on-the-beach Photos on the Beach. 

Book now for family portraits, back-to-school portraits, fun photos

Portrait packages start at $150


Email: [email protected]


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Hometown Memories - Purdance Recital 2017 https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2017/6/hometown-memories---purdance-recital-2017 Hometown Memories || Purdance Recital 2017

Sunday, June 25, 2017 

Mayer Theater || Santa Clara University

Dancers: Ava, Darla & Autumn


This is Ava and Darla's 3rd recital with Purdance and Autumn's first recital. The girls danced their hearts out during their performances. Ava danced  ballet to "The Princess Tea Party" and Autumn danced tap to "Candy Store." Darla had a hip-hop performance. The girls were so brave to dance in front of so many people. I am so proud of them. 

The photos were taken on photo day, June 10, 2017 at Los Gatos, CA. 

[email protected] (Look at Me Photography) https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2017/6/hometown-memories---purdance-recital-2017 Sun, 25 Jun 2017 09:30:00 GMT
Happiest 6th Birthday to My Lil' Peanut https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2017/5/happiest-6th-birthday-to-my-lil-peanut Location || Carmel-by-the-Sea || Mother's Day Weekend

Happiest 6th Birthday to My Lil' Peanut who is not so little anymore. She amazes me everyday with her ever-growing vocabulary and how she can recount the things she's learned at school or her outings with Grandma D. or the adventures she's done to with her dad. She's so loving and sweet, as well as forgiving. She loves to pray for everyone and always thanks God for her blessings.  I love that she knows how to comfort her brother when he's upset and is always showing her love for him. Ava is super friendly and a social butterfly. I'm not sure if she knows it, but she inspires me so much. She keeps me motivated and accountable for all that I do. I thanked God everyday for her. I just want to wish her a Happy Birthday and that I hope she follows her dreams. 

I love you forever my Lil' Peanut. 

Love, Mama

[P.S. Thank you for the outfits, Auntie Lovielyn Villegas]

[email protected] (Look at Me Photography) https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2017/5/happiest-6th-birthday-to-my-lil-peanut Wed, 24 May 2017 11:02:20 GMT
A Mother's Day Gift https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2017/5/a-mothers-day-gift Sean || A  Mother's Day Gift Photo Session

Heritage Rose Garden || San Jose, CA

This handsome little guy is my friend, Tracy's  grandson, Sean.  I've known her family since I worked at Wolf Camera (17 years ago)  and we remained friends through the years. Super Bowl Sundays are a "must hang-out"  days since we've been friends. I don't usually watch football, but on Super Bowl Sundays, I look forward to it. The last time we hung out, she asked if I could photograph her grandson. Unfortunately, I never got around to it because of scheduling conflicts and so forth. So this Mother's Day,  I wanted to make it up to Tracy. I reached out to her daughter, Alex, whom I've known since she was young and asked if she could arrange to get her nephew for a photoshoot and surprise her mother with the photos. Alex agreed and thought it would be the perfect Mother's Day Gift for her mom. 

Sean was the easiest and coolest little guy to photograph. He was so sweet and polite. His smile was perfect and on point. I was so happy with how his photographs came out. His Aunt kept saying he looked like a baby model and he posed like one too. I have to say I agree with her.

Alex text me today, to tell me that her Mom and Grandmother "loved" the photos (and probably won the best Mother's Day gift competition). Lol.  This made me really happy knowing that I was able to contribute to a gift they cherished and last forever. 


[email protected] (Look at Me Photography) https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2017/5/a-mothers-day-gift Mon, 08 May 2017 04:30:00 GMT
Erikha M. https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2017/4/erikha-m Senior Portraits || Mini-Session

Hathaway Ranch || Bakersfield, CA

[email protected] (Look at Me Photography) https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2017/4/erikha-m Sun, 30 Apr 2017 06:45:00 GMT
Ben and Tasha's Wedding https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2017/4/ben-and-tashas-wedding Congratulations Ben & Tasha! 

Wishing you a happily ever after. 

[email protected] (Look at Me Photography) https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2017/4/ben-and-tashas-wedding Sun, 30 Apr 2017 03:15:00 GMT
Crisnel https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2017/4/crisnel Family Portraits || Mini-Session

Hathaway Ranch || Bakersfield, CA

[email protected] (Look at Me Photography) https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2017/4/crisnel Sat, 29 Apr 2017 07:45:00 GMT
Andaya Family https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2017/4/andaya-family Family Portraits || Sneak Peek 

Hellyer County Park || San Jose, CA

[email protected] (Look at Me Photography) https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2017/4/andaya-family Sat, 22 Apr 2017 07:45:00 GMT
Easter Sunday https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2017/4/easter-sunday Photos before the Easter rain.

[email protected] (Look at Me Photography) https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2017/4/easter-sunday Sun, 16 Apr 2017 08:15:00 GMT
Easter / Spring Mini-Sessions https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2017/3/easter-/-spring-mini-sessions Children's Portraits

for Easter & Spring 


5 images //15-30 mins. // online gallery // photo release // 1-8x10


Saturday, April 8, 2017

Location: Hellyer County Park, San Jose (Tentative)


[email protected] (Look at Me Photography) https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2017/3/easter-/-spring-mini-sessions Mon, 27 Mar 2017 07:24:46 GMT
To be ONE is another ADVENTURE https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2017/3/to-be-one-is-another-adventure An adventure awaits this handsome one year old and his big sister. 

[email protected] (Look at Me Photography) https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2017/3/to-be-one-is-another-adventure Tue, 14 Mar 2017 06:34:15 GMT
Going on FOUR. https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2017/2/going-on-four Congratulations on your new blessing Grace, PJ & Kyla. 

I can't wait to meet the baby. 

[email protected] (Look at Me Photography) maternity https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2017/2/going-on-four Mon, 06 Feb 2017 07:30:00 GMT
Preppin' for 2017 https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2017/1/preppin-for-2017 They got coordinating outfits for Christmas presents and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to photograph them in it. It's also my way of documenting how little they are and how quickly they will grow up. She's almost 5 and he's 2.5 years old. I just love them. 


[email protected] (Look at Me Photography) https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2017/1/preppin-for-2017 Tue, 03 Jan 2017 07:23:00 GMT
Mommy & Me https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2016/7/mommy-me Beautiful Mommy & Me session of these two beauties. 



[email protected] (Look at Me Photography) https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2016/7/mommy-me Mon, 11 Jul 2016 06:19:37 GMT
Day at the beach. https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2016/7/day-at-the-beach Perfect day at the beach to photograph family portraits of The Pinoliars.  The weather was nice and cool, but the water was freezing. They were troopers getting into the water. 

Below are some of my favorites.

[email protected] (Look at Me Photography) https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2016/7/day-at-the-beach Mon, 11 Jul 2016 06:00:51 GMT
Summer 2016 https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2016/7/summer-2016 Thank you Loraine, Greg, Jeremy & Azalea for allowing me to photograph your family. I enjoyed getting to know you all.

Here are some of my favorite moments. 

[email protected] (Look at Me Photography) https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2016/7/summer-2016 Sat, 09 Jul 2016 20:41:55 GMT
AarONE. https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2016/6/aarone My Lil' Man is turning ONE. 

Photo Location // Vasona Park, Los Gatos, Ca

[email protected] (Look at Me Photography) https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2016/6/aarone Sun, 05 Jun 2016 21:11:26 GMT
Hazel https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2016/5/hazel Congratulations Hazel! 

[email protected] (Look at Me Photography) https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2016/5/hazel Tue, 31 May 2016 09:23:51 GMT
Michael https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2016/5/michaelav Congratulations Michael!

[email protected] (Look at Me Photography) https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2016/5/michaelav Tue, 31 May 2016 09:20:58 GMT
Valentine's Day 2016 https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2016/2/valentines-day-2016 Too much cuteness. My Lil' Bosses. 

[email protected] (Look at Me Photography) https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2016/2/valentines-day-2016 Sat, 20 Feb 2016 06:26:08 GMT
First Birthday. https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2016/2/first-birthday Celebrating my niece's first birthday. 

Cake: Nothin' Bundt Cake

Decorations: Debbie

Happy Birthday Desi Bear!


Best Buds. Desiree and Aaron. Cousins.

[email protected] (Look at Me Photography) https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2016/2/first-birthday Sun, 24 Jan 2016 06:15:00 GMT
ONE. https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2016/2/one Desi Bear is turning ONE. Her mom wanted  Tea Party themed Photos, so she brought all the props and accessories. We set up in our living room, where it had the most natural light coming through. I loved Desi's little outfit and she was just so cute. 

[email protected] (Look at Me Photography) https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2016/2/one Tue, 19 Jan 2016 05:45:00 GMT
Baptism. https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2016/2/baptism Cousins celebrating their Baptism together. 

[email protected] (Look at Me Photography) https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2016/2/baptism Sun, 04 Oct 2015 04:30:00 GMT
Siblings. The love of my life. https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2016/2/siblings-the-love-of-my-life Ava and Aaron. They make my life complete. 

[email protected] (Look at Me Photography) https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2016/2/siblings-the-love-of-my-life Sun, 21 Jun 2015 04:45:00 GMT
Handsome Fella. https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2016/2/handsome-fella  

One week old and already a Mama's Boy. I love you so much.  Another blessing. This little guy melts my heart. Only a few days old and I can't imagine my life without him.

[email protected] (Look at Me Photography) https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2016/2/handsome-fella Sat, 20 Jun 2015 04:30:00 GMT
My Loves. https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2014/8/my-loves Father-Daughter Time.

Location: Picchetti Winery, Cupertino, CA (Thank you Erin Del Sarto for the location recommendation).


[email protected] (Look at Me Photography) https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2014/8/my-loves Sat, 23 Aug 2014 08:36:00 GMT
My Lil' Peanut turns 3 https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2014/5/my-lil-peanut-turns-3 My Lil' Peanut turns 3.

We had a quick birthday photo shoot at Happy Hollow Park & Zoo during our visit. Here are some of my faves.

[email protected] (Look at Me Photography) https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2014/5/my-lil-peanut-turns-3 Fri, 23 May 2014 02:28:02 GMT
Senior Prom 2014 https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2014/5/senior-prom-2014 I had the pleasure of photographing my cousin and his friend's prom portraits last weekend. We had the location shoot at the Evergreen Village and the gazebo on Magnum Drive. It was a blustery day, but the weather was nice. 

MVP_5647-1MVP_5647-1 MVP_5615-1MVP_5615-1


[email protected] (Look at Me Photography) https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2014/5/senior-prom-2014 Sun, 11 May 2014 08:28:24 GMT
Senior Portraits https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2014/4/senior-portraits Graduation Day is just around the corner! My cousins are now grown up, how time flies...

Hat's off graduates! 

MVP_4638-1_pp copyMVP_4638-1_pp copy MVP_4680-2pp copyMVP_4680-2pp copy MVP_4720-1_ppMVP_4720-1_pp MVP_4759-1_ppMVP_4759-1_pp MVP_4802-1_ppMVP_4802-1_pp MVP_4831-1_ppMVP_4831-1_pp


[email protected] (Look at Me Photography) https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2014/4/senior-portraits Fri, 25 Apr 2014 07:43:54 GMT
Love Bugs https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2014/2/love-bugs This jewel has the sweetest and cutest smile. She was also very patient and I enjoyed photographing her. 

And this precious girl turned ONE. 

The two cutest and newest member of my extended family. 

[email protected] (Look at Me Photography) https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2014/2/love-bugs Sun, 16 Feb 2014 07:39:00 GMT
Valentine's Day 2014 https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2014/2/valentines-day-2014 A mini Valentine photoshoot with my favorite mini people, Autumn, Ava & Darla. 

[email protected] (Look at Me Photography) https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2014/2/valentines-day-2014 Thu, 13 Feb 2014 09:18:52 GMT
Family Fall Portraits https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2013/11/family-fall-portraits I've been working on Family Fall Portraits this month and have enjoyed doing them. My immediate family and extended family are my biggest supporters with photography. I scheduled back-to-back mini sessions last weekend and did another just this past Sunday. I've already seen my work in their homes and on their walls and it's so great that they love the work that I do. Thank you FAM for the love! 


My own family. Being silly.

Photo below makes me laugh... "The Avader" doing her magic of levitation.

[email protected] (Look at Me Photography) https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2013/11/family-fall-portraits Tue, 26 Nov 2013 07:50:02 GMT
My Lil' Peanut https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2013/11/my-lil-peanut My Lil' Peanut, she's growing up too fast. We had a last-minute mini photo session today at a local park. The photo shoot went really well, even though there was some bribing involve and we had to include her Lovey "Stinky Monkey". She smiled for M&Ms and a Nemo Pez on my camera's hotshoe. Gotta love her and the silly faces she made and the angelic smile she has. 

Location: Penitencia Creek Park, San Jose, CA



[email protected] (Look at Me Photography) https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2013/11/my-lil-peanut Wed, 20 Nov 2013 06:55:13 GMT
Baby in a Hammock https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2013/10/baby-in-a-hammock Meet Autum Riley, my niece. She's exactly one week old today and had her first photo shoot. She's got the cutest little face. She did so well during the session, no fuss, which made posing a lot easier than I was anticipating. I've been wanting to photograph a baby this way, but before I made my attempt, I made sure to do some research, i.e. baby safety, posing baby, handling, use of materials, additional equipment needed, etc. So, I watched a lot of Youtube videos of Tips&Tricks of photographing newborns. Seeing another photographer at work was very helpful. The first photo is the SOOC (straight out of camera) image and second image is after it has been processed via Lightroom & Photoshop. 


Baby Autumn was safe the entire time and her parents assisted with supporting her body. 


I am so happy with the final outcome...

[email protected] (Look at Me Photography) https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2013/10/baby-in-a-hammock Thu, 24 Oct 2013 03:00:10 GMT
Fall/Halloween 2013 https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2013/10/fall/halloween-2013 It's Halloween Time! 

This is our 2nd Halloween with this set up. And this year, we have two new members. Let's welcome our newest members, Kyla and Phillip! We also have baby Autumn, but she's too little to join us this year, but we're definitely looking forward to having her next year.


[email protected] (Look at Me Photography) https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2013/10/fall/halloween-2013 Sun, 20 Oct 2013 01:38:20 GMT
Alexandra and Jon https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2013/10/alexandra-and-jon I had the pleasure to photograph this awesome couple expecting their first baby. I learned  quickly that they are huge 49ers fans and their baby girl has her own little jersey waiting for her. It was great that we were able to incorporate their favorite team into some of their photos and have it reflect who they are.

Location: Evergreen Valley College, San Jose, CA

[email protected] (Look at Me Photography) https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2013/10/alexandra-and-jon Thu, 10 Oct 2013 04:06:00 GMT
Angella and Dexter https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2013/9/angella-and-dexter Girl or Boy? That is the question. My sister-in-law and brother are waiting to find out the  gender of their bundle of joy. We are all excited for the reveal...really soon.

In the meantime, here are some of my favorite photos from their photo shoot.

Location: Sunnyvale, CA

[email protected] (Look at Me Photography) https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2013/9/angella-and-dexter Mon, 30 Sep 2013 05:00:00 GMT
40 Days of Summer - It's all about family https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2013/8/40-days-of-summer---its-all-about-family It's about time for our family portraits. We've been meaning to do this mid year, so it's not done  just for Christmas cards, but we've never made the time. Today, we attended a wedding, so we thought it would be the perfect time; we were dressed up and ready.

Here are some of our favorites:


[My Lil' Peanut was being silly]

[Mommy & Peanut]

[Daddy & Peanut]

[Just Us]



[Live. Laugh.Love. Always]


[email protected] (Look at Me Photography) https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2013/8/40-days-of-summer---its-all-about-family Mon, 12 Aug 2013 07:10:54 GMT
40 Days of Summer - Santa Cruz https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2013/7/40-days-of-summer---santa-cruz Last-minute-family-bonding adventure at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk on a Tuesday. I love this place, it's a theme park and a beach. The only problem is parking during peak season. It gets pretty crowded, although my photos don't show it. 





[email protected] (Look at Me Photography) https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2013/7/40-days-of-summer---santa-cruz Tue, 30 Jul 2013 08:04:00 GMT
40 Days of Summer https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2013/7/40-days-of-summer +3 more days than last year...

Here are some of the places we've visited this summer with our Peanut. Most of them have been "first-time" visits.


[Seaworld, San Diego, CA]

She really loves the underwater world, with that said, Nemo is her favorite movie. So, she tried to find him during our adventure at the Turtle Reef Encounter.

[San Diego Zoo, CA]

Turtles are also her favorite animals. We spent along time by the turtle tank.

[San Diego Safari Park, Escondido, CA]

This place was different from the zoo. The animals live in a safari-like environment, so we rode a tram to see the different parts of the safari. 

In a few years, we'd like to visit again. 

[email protected] (Look at Me Photography) https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2013/7/40-days-of-summer Mon, 22 Jul 2013 07:51:00 GMT
Supermoon 2013 https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2013/6/supermoon-2013 Supermoon was expected Sunday, 6/23/13 4:20am, but I photographed the moon Saturday evening. It looked pretty close to me.  I, of course, cropped-in on the images to make it look larger and changed the sharpness a little bit. (My hands were a little shaky). 


[email protected] (Look at Me Photography) https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2013/6/supermoon-2013 Sun, 23 Jun 2013 06:50:00 GMT
Going on 2 Photos https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2013/4/going-on-2-photos Theme: Finding Nemo, portraits for her birthday invitations. 

[email protected] (Look at Me Photography) https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2013/4/going-on-2-photos Mon, 08 Apr 2013 05:43:50 GMT
Grace and PJ https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2013/4/grace-and-pjs-maternity-photoshoot I enjoyed taking their portraits and definitely looking forward to meeting their baby girl. The park we chose was a hidden gem in East San Jose; grass was really green and well kept. Great backdrop for their photos.

Location: Overfelt Gardens

San Jose, CA


[email protected] (Look at Me Photography) https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2013/4/grace-and-pjs-maternity-photoshoot Sun, 07 Apr 2013 05:49:00 GMT
Easter Sunday https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2013/3/easter-sunday Celebrated Easter with my Lil' Peanut!

[email protected] (Look at Me Photography) https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2013/3/easter-sunday Sun, 31 Mar 2013 08:23:00 GMT
Valentine's Day 2013 https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2013/2/valentines-day-2013 Valentine's Day 2013

Location: Evergreen Valley College Park, San Jose, CA



[email protected] (Look at Me Photography) https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2013/2/valentines-day-2013 Thu, 14 Feb 2013 09:52:00 GMT
My First Quinceanera https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2012/12/my-first-quinceanera Sneak Peek of upcoming photos of the very FIRST Quinceanera celebration I've photograph.

I had the honor of photographing beautiful Alycia on her 15th Birthday Celebration. She is the daughter of a couple whose wedding I photographed earlier this year. Alycia is very photogenic and very pretty. I love the color of her eyes, which shows beautifully at the images below. I'm really excited about some of the moments I captured. Prior to the event, I did some research regarding how a Quinceanera is celebrated because I was a little uncertain. After my research,  I realized preparation for the  celebration  and the church ceremony  is similar to a wedding celebration, just slightly on a smaller scale. The weather that day was also nerve-wrecking. It was pouring hard in some areas of the city, but on my way to the shoot, I prayed for a little less to no rain, so I can take some photos outdoor.  When I arrived at the home to do some pre-ceremony portraits, it stopped raining in that small area. I was so thankful for that moment. It was a wonderful experience, being able to be a part of such an important event in her life. 

[email protected] (Look at Me Photography) https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2012/12/my-first-quinceanera Sun, 02 Dec 2012 05:53:00 GMT
Global Winter Wonderland https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2012/11/global-winter-wonderland Today was Global Winter Wonderland's Opening Day . I've been looking forward to attending the event (a limited-time event). They had the opening ceremony and lighting of the tree.  California's Great America is hosting the event. It's a little different from last year's , which we also attended. This time,  the attractions are located inside Great America's theme park and they are incorporated into Great America's environment. The artwork of lights are very impressive and beautiful. It reminds me Disneyland's It's a Small World  Attraction. The lights also photograph well. 

This is the lighting spectacle at the entrance.

The Giant Lantern-like Christmas tree is their main attraction, which is located at the Fountain or by the carousel.

 Right below  is the Dawn of the Dinosaurs attraction.

This is the beautiful peacock.

The Enchanted Castle

"Under the Sea" Creatures - Ava's favorite lights.

Leaning Tower of Pisa

The Statue of Liberty

More photos of my favorite lights.

My family and I enjoyed the event. We will be attending again. I would recommend everyone to visit. (We got our season pass for $18 only, instead of the regular price of $29.99 during their promotional period).  Their daily admission price is now $18.00 and parking is $10. You can purchase tickets online. 


[email protected] (Look at Me Photography) https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2012/11/global-winter-wonderland Sat, 24 Nov 2012 10:00:19 GMT
Baptism Celebration https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2012/11/baptism-celebration We welcomed Princess Caitlyn to the life Christ today. My family and I drove four hours from home to become witnesses at her celebration. She looked so  precious and adorable in her white gown. She was also very happy during the ceremony.  We were so glad to have been a part of her Catholic Faith from the very beginning. 


May God always bless  you and keep you safe!


[email protected] (Look at Me Photography) https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2012/11/baptism-celebration Sun, 18 Nov 2012 07:21:00 GMT
Sunday with Peanut https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2012/10/sunday-with-peanut She looked really cute with her pigtails, a new "do" for her.  She wasn't too thrilled about having her hair up, but she eventually got use to it. She was all smiles. Just wanted to capture her "everyday" moments. She's grown up so much, no longer an infant, but a running, talking toddler.

I love my Peanut!


Peek-a-Boo Mommy!

Follow me...

[email protected] (Look at Me Photography) https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2012/10/sunday-with-peanut Mon, 29 Oct 2012 07:17:36 GMT
All Carved Out https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2012/10/all-carve-out Today's weekend event was to carve our Halloween Pumpkins. It was another last-minute  fun get-together with the Bangir. The pumpkin carving process was a bit messy, but it was worth the fun. We also had additional mishaps, such as all our carving tools broke prior to making the first cuts; had to send someone to buy more tools, there were some blood (someone poked their thumb with the carving instrument) and the pumpkin innards spilled all over the floor, when we tried bringing it to the trash during clean up. But the outcome was awesome!


Big Bird - Created by  Me

My First carve out for the evening. I'm pretty happy with the result and it wasn't as difficult as I thought it was going to be.

Wicked - Created by me

My second carving for the evening. Not to bad. Although, my hands are pretty sore from all the carving and scraping; two pumpkins is my limit.

Three Pumpkins - Created by Mark V. 

Frankenstein - Created by Michael V.

Kitty - Created by TinMan

Batman - Created by PJ & Grace G.

Jack -O-Lantern - Created by Jessica V.

Mini Jack-O-Lantern - Created by Debbie I. 

Bangir - Created by Mark V.  (Second carving for the evening).

Group Photo 1

Group Photo 2


...now let's hope they make it to Halloween...!


[email protected] (Look at Me Photography) https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2012/10/all-carve-out Sun, 28 Oct 2012 08:06:00 GMT
Fall / Halloween Photoshoot 2012 https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2012/10/fall-/-halloween-photoshoot-2012 Today's event was a Fall / Halloween Photoshoot of the kids in their costumes. The Fall scene, started with a wooden fence/floor back drop from Backdrop Outlet, then I added the mini hay bales  and pumpkins I purchased from Walmart. Then, came the  fall leaves from Michael's last year and from Hobby Lobby this year and the rug from Marshall's. The scene came together much better than I expected, so I was pretty satisfied. However, I do wish the space would've been bigger so the group photos could've been better. 

Hope you enjoy the photos of a Lovely Peacock, A Very Red Elmo, A Cute Mini Zebra, An Adorable Lady Bug , A Beautiful Snow White and a Handsome School Boy!

Let's start with some out-takes of the group...

They don't look very happy, except for Elmo. 

And here are some of my favorite photos:

The girls changed into their Hurujuki Mini Outfits and we tried to do another group photo. It was a challenge, but fun and memorable. We, the mommies, could not get them to look at the camera all at the same time. 

Yeah, the group shots weren't very successful, but the kids were cute and it was a good try.

Here are more of my fave photos:

Love these kids a whole lot!!!

[email protected] (Look at Me Photography) https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2012/10/fall-/-halloween-photoshoot-2012 Sun, 21 Oct 2012 08:17:50 GMT
October Love https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2012/10/october-love Meet the Bangir! We are one family of families. We do everything together. It's much more fun. Our event for this weekend was to go to the Usegi Farms Pumpkin Patch in Morgan Hill, CA and we ALL did. The weather was nice and cool, not too hot like last year. This is our 2nd trip to this farm and more little people have been added to our group.

And here is a photo of "A" from last year's visit and this year's visit. " What a difference a year makes," she looks so different now. She was running around and even carrying the little pumpkins. She laughed, giggled and wore her purple tutu.

(I can't believe I forgot my SLR at home, it was too late when I realized I didn't load it in the car. So, we used hubby's point and shoot camera. I was really bummed  about not having my own camera, but  on the brighter note, glad we still have some photos to remember the day).


[email protected] (Look at Me Photography) https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2012/10/october-love Mon, 15 Oct 2012 06:21:00 GMT
Last Minute Trip to Gilroy Gardens https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2012/10/last-minute-trip-to-gilroy-gardens We wanted to take advantage of our Season Pass to the theme park, so we decided to go one last time before the season ends. We stayed at the park for a few hours and the children enjoyed themselves very much. 

Below are some of my favorite photos of the day. 

She loves to ride the carousel, although her expression doesn't show it. 


My favorite girls. They consider themselves BFFs. I hope they will always stay this close.

It's Halloween time. 

Because she's beautiful.

The happiest kid. 

[email protected] (Look at Me Photography) https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2012/10/last-minute-trip-to-gilroy-gardens Sun, 07 Oct 2012 07:12:00 GMT
Santa Theresa Parish Festival 2012 - 18:01 Ministries https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2012/10/santa-theresa-parish-festival-2012---18-01-ministries Praise and Worship with 18:01 Ministries at Santa Theresa Parish Festival. 

Praising the Lord with her Dad!


[email protected] (Look at Me Photography) 1801 18:01 Festival Ministries Parish Santa Theresa https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2012/10/santa-theresa-parish-festival-2012---18-01-ministries Sat, 06 Oct 2012 07:27:00 GMT
First Pet https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2012/9/first-pet After our trip to Discovery Kingdom and seeing how "A" got excited with seeing all the animals, most especially the dolphins and penguins, I decided I would buy her a pet fish. It was a toss between a gold fish and a betta, so I went with the betta. I figured it would be easier to maintain and it should live longer than the gold fish (crossing finger).  I'm not sure what she'll name him, but she was pretty excited when I showed her the fish. She waved and gave the fish "air" kisses. It's one of the cutest things I've seen her do.

She says "bye fish" and "hi fish!"


[email protected] (Look at Me Photography) https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2012/9/first-pet Wed, 26 Sep 2012 02:32:00 GMT
18:01 Ministries at OnFire Norcal Jam 2012 https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2012/9/18-01-ministries-at-onfire-norcal-jam-2012 Saturday, September 22, 2012

My husband's praise and worship band, 18:01 Ministries performed at Onfire Norcal Jam (Six Flag's Discovery Kingdom) for the Youth & Young Adult of all Norcal Catholic Diocese. We went to show our love and support for the band. It was also a great exposure for my daughter and cousins to see all the youths and young adults involved in the  many churches of northern California. I want them to be inspired to believe in God and always have faith. 

[email protected] (Look at Me Photography) 1801 18:01 2012 Jam Ministries Norcal Onfire https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2012/9/18-01-ministries-at-onfire-norcal-jam-2012 Mon, 24 Sep 2012 08:28:00 GMT
"A" at Napa Valley Aloha Festival https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2012/9/-a-at-napa-valley-aloha-festival It was our first time visting Napa, Ca. We came out to the festival to watch Mango Kingz perform. 

[email protected] (Look at Me Photography) https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2012/9/-a-at-napa-valley-aloha-festival Sat, 15 Sep 2012 09:08:00 GMT
Little Big Brother's Graduation https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2012/9/little-big-brothers-graduation Congratulations to you brother! I am so proud of you! 

Handsome cake to complement the event was created by my one and only sister.

[email protected] (Look at Me Photography) https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2012/9/little-big-brothers-graduation Fri, 07 Sep 2012 09:12:00 GMT
18:01 Ministries https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2012/8/18-01-ministries 18:01 Ministries Last minute photoshoot of 18:01 Ministries, Praise and Worship Band, also known as 6pm Choir at Most Holy Trinity Catholic Church. They needed a group photo to submit for their upcoming performance at Norcal OnFire, on Sept. 22, 2012.  (Six Flags, Vallejo)

[email protected] (Look at Me Photography) 1801 18:01 Ministries https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2012/8/18-01-ministries Thu, 23 Aug 2012 07:39:00 GMT
37 Days of Summer - "A" playing with Bubbles https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2012/8/37-days-of-summer---ava-playing-with-bubbles Our summer of 2012 is just about finished. So, a recap of our summer -

We frequently visited Great America for their rides and waterpark, Boomerang Bay. We also went to numerous parks in San Jose, such as the Emma Prusch Park, Japanese Garden, San Jose History Museum and theme park, Gilroy Gardens. Our biggest trip was to Hawaii.

My little peanut had a good time at the places we've visited.

We ended our summer with bubbles everywhere and photographed Ava trying to pop them. Till next year!


A and D, Bubbles everywhere.

[email protected] (Look at Me Photography) https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2012/8/37-days-of-summer---ava-playing-with-bubbles Fri, 03 Aug 2012 07:31:00 GMT
37 Days of Summer - Hawaii https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2012/7/37-days-of-summer---hawaii My family and I took our first vacation to the beautiful island of Oahu, Hawaii. We stayed for an entire week and enjoyed every minute of it. The water was so warm and inviting. Above is a photo of the "Chinaman's Hat" island I photographed on our way to the Polynesian Cultural Center. My husband pulled over the side of the road, so I can capture this beauty of the island.

My favorite little person in the world and her pretty lei.



[email protected] (Look at Me Photography) https://www.lookatmephoto.net/blog/2012/7/37-days-of-summer---hawaii Mon, 30 Jul 2012 10:06:52 GMT